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Hamner Barber Show Reviews

“We have been coming to Branson on bus trips we have organized for several years. During this time we have seen many shows.

Your tribute to the Vets is, in my opinion, the best Veteran tribute in Branson.”

– Dawn Hazel – Virginia Gray Tours

My wife and I just saw the Hamner Barber Show in Branson, MO. This is one terrific show. The magic was phenomenal. The ventrilloquism was sidesplittingly funny. The show has something for everyone. Truly amazing. After the show they stayed as long as needed to talk to the fans. Thanks David Hamner & Jim Barber for the words of encouragement & the prayers. You truely made my visit unforgetable.

Cliff McCoy

I enjoyed a highly entertaining evening in the Hamner Barber Theater, the showcase for magician Dave Hamner and his long-time partner, ventriloquist Jim Barber.

Len Ziehm – Chicago Sun TimesRead Full Article

Your whole show was awesome – the ventriloquism unbelievable! The magic was mystifying! The dancing was gracefully and rhythmically “in step” and vocals, entertainingly beautiful. The Veteran’s “Thanks is Not Enough” was emotionally moving and gave us chills and tears. (My husband spent four tours of duty in Viet Nam and served in the Air Force for 22 years.)

We were unable to stay and thank you in person so I hope this will suffice as such. Thank you for a memorable evening that made our trip one we‘ll remember for a long time! THANK YOU!

R.J. Hartley

My wife and I just returned from Branson and I wanted to say we thought your show was outstanding. Your illusions were top notch and I laughed so hard at Barber and Seville. We were very impressed with your gospel illusion and tribute to veterans. Thank you for making our trip a memorable one.

Gary Pratz – Production Manager
TBN Networks – KNAT TV, Albuquerque, NM

Jim Barber can make you laugh just by saying hello because you never know whose voice will come out of his mouth. Watching him is like being a kid again because you’ll believe a dummy can talk.  His cast of characters includes a Chihuahua named Chico Pete and “the Baby.” And his “Barber & Seville” act with Jim taking the role of the dummy is genius.  Pair him with Dave and Denise Hamner and their illusions with exotic birds soaring over the audience, and you’ll forget all about mowing the lawn.

Kathryn Buckstaff – Branson Chamber of Commerce & CVB

“Branson has a lot of world class shows and a handful of world class magic shows have graced our stages, but this show may be the best yet. It is both a magic show and a variety show featuring magicians David and Denise Hamner, comedian and ventriloquist Jim Barber and an excellent set of powerful, well-costumed dancers, the most outstanding of whom is Ken Brown… First out on stage were the Hamners and their beautiful birds, followed by the funniest ventriloquist act I’ve ever seen. Jim Barber is proof that Vaudeville really is still alive…  Each magical presentation was accompanied by a theme, some stirring while others were humorous. The themes were such as the Ark of the Covenant, an Egyptian tomb, the Hamner’s “most dangerous illusion” called “Vertigo” and an amazing and humorous dance/magic number featuring Barber as Huston Towers (an amazing spoof on Austin Powers).”

Angela Kaelin – Associated Content Writer (Read her Full Article)

“We LOVE Hamner Barber! If you haven’t been there yet you HAVE to go. I took my grandson and he LOVED it and talked about it for DAYS. God bless!”
Harvest Productions of Spokane, MO

Flamboyant magic, exotic birds and zany comedy! Dave and Denise Hamner’s routines range from sleight-of-hand to full-stage illusions to beautiful birds flying through the theater. No matter how many times I see the show, I just never figure out how they do it. Every illusionist creates his own distinctive acts. Dave’s are impressive and unique.

Jim Barber is by far the zaniest ventriloquist I’ve ever seen. His friends (from Seville to the baby to the monkey) display their own personalities and give Jim the opportunity to display his multi-faceted comedic talent.

Pat McGrath – I Write My World (Read Her Full Article)

We attended the Hamner Barber Show and were blown away by what we saw. The ventriloquism was the greatest we have seen and magic acts were incredible and beyond belief. It was a show that made us laugh, held us on the edge of our seat with magic, and cry with pride at the tribute to our great Veterans. Would I recommend this show to you? YES ! ! ! And we will be back in the future.

TripAdvisor Submitted Review

It was GREAT! The birds were amazing and the Cockatoos all showed their crest! The illusions were really good, and you have to see the comedian-too funny!

Lex123 –

Thanks for a Great Show last night. You guys are the best variety show in town.
If coming to Branson. This show is a must see..

Gary E. Bartlett – President / CEO, Midwest Concerts & Events, LLC
Branson, MO / Las Vegas, NV

“We just finished our board meeting of Columbia Insurance Group. Thank you so much for all you did for the group… you were a BIG, BIG hit!! Five of the board members had never been to Branson and were raving about everything including the quality of the show. They commented many times about the show being the highlight of the event (compared to board meetings???) and thought your Austin Powers was “spot on”!!

David Arney – Akers & Arney Insurance, Columbia Insurance Group

We saw their act, and it was absolutely fabulous.  Hamner’s magic acts are nothing short of amazing and Barber’s ventriloquist skills are hard to believe.  Not every one can come out on the stage with the dummy carrying the ventriloquist!   How he does that without ending up collaposing on the floor is beyond me.  In addition to being a great illusionist, Dave Hamner is an ordained minister.  On Sundays the theater is transformed into a church with a regular 10:00 service.  Pastor Dave Hamner trades his illusionist’s costumes weekly for the less flashy garb of a preacher.   We found the service to be uplifting.

Chuck –

“What makes this show different from just about every other show in Branson is the fact that each and every person in the theatre seemed to have a huge smile on their face. Some shows are music heavy while some performance heavy. This shows walks the fine line of being able to entertain an audience while captivating them at the same time. New for the 2009 season is a finale that will bring tears to your eyes and pride in your heart.”

Josh Clark – Shepherd of the Hills Gazette (read the entire article)

“The Hamner Barber Variety Show is truly a show by two of the top performers in the Entertainment business. Jim Barber is considered one of the world’s great ventriloquists and has been honored as the “International Ventriloquist of the Year. Dave Hamner has nothing but great respect as a magician and that is no small achievement in a town where the best magicians in the world perform on a regular basis. He has been honored as being the top of the top by many of the most prestigious magic organizations and he hs won many awards. The Hamner Barber team put on one heck of a show that is very professionaly produced and directed.”

Rancher Don – (read the entire article)

What a fun time we had at your show last Friday night! The girls had a blast it was a real treat for all of us! Our daughter purchased one of the magic kits, and she is performing her tricks on all the family, as we type this! The ventriloquism, magic, and music were wonderful. We also enjoyed your final patriotic number praising our American veterans and our great country. After doing mission work in Russia for the past year, we are aware now, more than ever, what a great privilege it is to live in the United States and be an American citizen. Keep up the good work – we will be glad to spread the word what a great show you have!
Victor and Amy Boll
Leanne, Audrey, Paige and Whitney
(Mema’s Family) – Hamner Barber Recommends: Mema’s Wonderful Cookbooks

Referring to our magical, multimedia tribute to Veterans and active military

“One of the most moving events of the whole weekend…
There was not a dry eye in the house.”

Military Order of the Purple Heart –

The Hamner Barber Variety Show was fantastic. The show essentially is two shows in one…Dave Hamner’s magic and Jim Barber’s ventiloquism. Both men put on a fantastic show and they compliment each other quite well. They do interact in a few places (including an Austin Powers parody that is dead-on, baby, yeah.) … I was very impressed by their salute to veterans. Anyone who’s been to a Branson show knows that it’s Standard Operating Procedure for any Branson show to include some salute to veterans. I’ve seen decent ones, some really bad ones (basically, they sang one patriotic song and said “thanks”) but what Hamner and Barber gave the crowd was something that took work and effort…

Excerpt from The LifeOfJason Review – Please read the entire review!

“Jim, great show tonight, (I’m the guy from Minnesota with the Roger Awsumb connection) Linda and our two teens really enjoyed the show, you do a dead on Austin Powers. We are really enjoying Branson.”

Tony Ducklow – Minnesota

My wife and I saw your outstanding show Tues. night. Great job-tremendous talent, great wit, marvelous magic & illusions. Thanks to all!

Steve Trusedell, Indianapolis
PS-Mr. Hamner’s manipulation of coins is incredible!

We enjoyed spending our Spring Break in Branson , MO. This was our first time traveling to Branson. We are from Little Rock, Arkansas. The entire family enjoyed the Hamner and Barber Variety Show. Branson has great attractions and friendly people.
Thanks Branson !!!!!!!!!!
The Hobbs Family – Little Rock, Arkansas

We had an amazing time and were grateful for your tribute to the Armed Forces. That tribute will stand out as one of my favorite memories of Branson. Thank you! Your Christmas show was great and will be the only Christmas type activity that my wife and I will get to share on our first Christmas! God Bless you and your families this holiday season!

Adam and Amber Detwiler – US Army Soldier

I wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU. I brought my group to the theatre Friday night, Nov. 7. Wow! What talent David Hamner and Jim Barber have. The group thoroughly enjoyed the show. I also wanted to let them know how much I and my group appreciated the fact that David Hamner does not leave Christ out of Christmas or the fact that our country was built on belief in Him. Too many feel they have to be “politically correct” and leave out completely what should come first. They also appreciated the personal time they spent by coming to the buses.

I also wanted to compliment Vance and the group sales staff and how efficient everything is run and taken care of from ticket sales, the moment the bus was greeted, the group was seated and the quick response on the refund of two tickets. I was highly impressed and will pass it on to other group leaders. It’s always such a plus for the leaders when everything is handled flawlessly and they don’t have to worry about anything or “fix” something. So, again thank you.

Wishing you a very blessed Christmas Season!

Brenda Eaton – Elite Advantage Club Director – Hawthorn Bank
Clinton, Missouri

The first annual “Clyne Family Reunion” was held last month in Branson MO. One of the many highlights featured the exciting “Hamner & Barber Show” located at the Hamner & Barber Theater in the heart of Branson. The Clyne family would like to extend their appreciation for a fun-filled night of laughter and amazement. Thank you Dave and Jim for a wonderful experience, which the whole family thourghly enjoyed.

Sincerely, The Clyne Family