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128x440As we conclude our tenth season performing in Branson, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank the thousands of great folks who have attended our Branson theater over the past decade.  Many of you have been come close friends and we want you to know that we appreciate your patronage and support!

This Saturday evening (December 14, 2013) will be performance #2,302, marking the end of the Hamner Barber Variety Show starring The Hamners and Jim Barber.

Though the curtain will be closing on this phase of our careers, we are excited for new opportunities awaiting both The Hamners and Jim Barber in 2014 and beyond.

We want to keep you informed as to all the new and exciting things about to occur, so if you haven’t done so yet, please do us two simple favors…

#1 – Please Share A Positive Review…

If you’ve been to our show at some point in the past ten years and have a special favorite memory we would truly appreciate if you would take a moment and post a positive review on our TripAdvisor page.  It really would mean alot to hear from our friends who enjoy and appreciate what we do here at the Hamner Barber Theater.  Please click this link to post your review now!

#2 – Like Us On Facebook…

Many of you have already done so, but If you haven’t LIKED our Facebook page yet, please do so by clicking here now! We will have more news to come on Facebook before the end of the year, and want to keep you all informed.

The Hamners & Jim BarberWe hope to see many of you at one of our FINAL SHOWS between now and Saturday evening.  Please contact our box office at 417-334-4363 for available seating reservations.

Thank you! – Jim Barber & The Hamners

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  1. Jim and Dave, Merry Christmas to you both and good luck in the new year as your paths change . If you ever need a special guest Dave just give me a call !
    God bless ,
    maxwell blade

  2. Hamner/Barber is one of the GOOD THINGS about Branson. ‘Sorry to miss your finale and wish you ALL the best in your next venture.

  3. Chuck & Loretta Larson says:

    We have been attending the HamnerBarber shows for several years. They never fail to entertain all those in attendance with their variety performances. The beauty of Hamner’s birds is always thrilling to watch, along with the magical effects performed by Dave Hamner.
    Jim Barber’s talents as a ventriloquist is always hilarious. His talents at presenting so many different character’s is really amazing. The other members of their supporting cast are very
    talented in their own performances. Over the years this has been our favorite show to see in Branson. We wish them all the best in the coming year, 2014.

  4. John & Virginia Malone says:

    We had planned to be in Branson last weekend BUT you know the rest of the story!!!! We may be able to come down Saturday although our weather in Jeff City includes rain and freezing rain Friday evening into Saturday morning, We have seen your show many, many times and each time it is like the first time!!! We will miss you Jim!!!! GOD bless you in your next venture and enjoy your time with your daughter, Jessica!!!! Dave, we’re praying for your health issues!!!Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!!
    Love in Christ,
    John & Virginia Malone

  5. I’m so sad we went your New Year Eve’s show last year and it was great!! And wanted to go back but just found out that your not there, very sad!!! your show was very entertaining!

  6. Glenda Martin says:

    I’m 5x’s mom-You married Sam(5X) & Katy 2 years ago in the lobby of your theater-5x is there every year to see you-His house burnt down 3 Dec.-lost everything-no insurance-only Katy and the cat were home-both got out ok-Sam was here doing some work-They are staying with us until they can rebuild-You had signed his shirt Clay Cooper gave him-Sam gets teary eyed when he thinks about the little things he lost-Just thought I’d let you know-
    Your “BIG” Fans,
    Jerry & Glenda Martin

  7. Charles enders says:

    I am sorry to provide unfavorable feed back. Though I liked the lady ventriloquist.
    We attended last sat night, enjoyed the show as expected,
    Enjoyed the salute to veterans,
    Then you had to show the planes flying into the trade towers, why?
    I come for a laugh, to leave smiling , but you ruined it with 5000 people dying,
    That was not a bring me up, there is a reason the tv networks only show still pictures now and immediately after 911′, . Put yourself in my shoes, can I recommend your show to anyone ?
    I don’t want yo drag them down with a ending like that, then the performers were out front all smiles, let’s keep the entertainment on the up beat, Sincerely, c enders springfield.

  8. Charles enders says:

    Your phone number on the web site does not work.
    You do not provide a email address,
    I have to post a message , why?

  9. Caroline says:

    This is my second time coming to your show. It was amazing! Great variety, lots of entertainment, great costumes and music. Thank you!

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