No Debate Needed, Barber & Seville For President!

Elect A Dummy For President

Jim Barber and Seville

Two Heads Are Better Than One!

As we approach the final two weeks before the important Presidential election, ventriloquist Jim Barber and his wooden sidekick Seville have finally decided to go public with their “tongue-in-cheek” campaign for the White House.

For the past eight months, this popular pair of puppets have been quietly spreading their message of “Dummies For Democracy” to fun-loving audiences at each and every performance of the Hamner Barber Variety Show in Branson, Missouri.

Why did this pair of “Dummycrats” wait until just fourteen days before the election to put their musical campaign message out over the internet? It’s because they want to remind everyone to GET OUT AND VOTE on SEPTEMBER 6th for the candidate of your choice!

Play the video below to hear the comedy campaign song, “Vote For Me.”

We’ll spread the word on YouTube, and even Huckabee…
– Jim Barber & Seville

The Music Behind The Laughter…

This comedy routine was originally performed by Barber and Seville during the 1996 Presidential Campaign poking gentle fun at both Bill Clinton and Bob Dole.

TJ Kuenster

T.J. Kuenster

It was developed by Jim Barber and his friend T.J. Kuenster for the Glen Campbell Goodtime Show in Branson where Barber was the featured comedian at the time.

T.J. is Glen Campbell’s longtime music conductor, and not only composed the original score and much of the lyrics of the song “Vote For Me,” but also personally recorded all the background music for the political comedy theme song.

Jim Barber rewrote most of the original lyrics to coincide with the 2012 election and current political candidates. Featured reporter voices in the routine were performed by Jim Barber, Bill Maclay, Jessica Barber (Jim’s 11 year old daughter), and the late Roger Adams who was one of Glen Campbell’s closest friends.

Enjoy the routine, and be sure to GO VOTE! It’s NO JOKE!

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  1. Drew Kaplan says:

    Please tell Jim that he continues to amaze. I love his work and we’ll be back next year. We’ve been traveling just about full time and we didn’t make it to Branson this fall, but as I said in my review, he alone makes the trip worthwhile. I loved the Vote For Me campaign. Drew

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