Branson Entertainers Thankful & Ready For Visitors

Members of the Branson League of Theatre Owners & Show Producers held a press conference on the famous W. Hwy 76 music strip in Branson, Missouri the day following a devastating F2 tornado that struck the popular tourist destination on February 29, 2012.

The common sentiment expressed by various members of the Branson entertainment community was concern for area residents and businesses who were affected by the damaging storm, as well as appreciation that most of Branson’s tourism based economy was intact and ready for visitors to come vacation in the Live Music Show Capital of the World.

On With The Show…

The Branson entertainers felt an urgency to send this message out as soon as possible. Of utmost importance to everyone, is that damages to homes, neighborhoods and businesses be repaired as quickly as possible.  The best way to accomplish that is to keep the economic engine of the community turning so that additional financial damages do not occur from a decline in tourism.

The message is simple… Branson is open and you’re invited to come have fun!

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Dialogue Copy :

JIM BARBER:  I’m Jim Barber, co-owner of the Hamner Barber Theater and President of the League of Branson Theatre Owners & Show Producers – known as the Branson Show League…

On behalf of the Branson Show League, thanks for joining us here in Branson, Missouri on this beautiful day in the Ozarks.

We’re here on the World Famous West Hwy 76, fondly called “the strip” by millions of visitors who vacation here each year.  Around me are many of the stars and entertainers who help make those vacation experiences fun for everyone.

With the advent of the F2 tornado that struck Branson we’ve received an outpouring of concern from our friends and fans from across the United States.

I can’t tell you how much that means to all of us.  First let me say, we’re thankful that there was no reported loss of life here and that our thoughts and prayers go out to the families who did lose loved ones throughout the Midwest. We have a lot of friends in our community that have lost their homes and belongings.  We also know that the damage to some buildings in Branson is extensive.  Our hearts go out to our neighbors and friends.  Efforts are underway to help those who have had damage make a speedy recovery.

For those seeking to help Branson, one of our communities’ greatest needs is to be able to communicate to those planning or considering a vacation; that Branson is open and if they come here they are going to have a great vacation.  In fact we have visitors here now and our shows are entertaining them right now… Here’s Adam Hughes with the Hughes Brothers Theatre…

ADAM HUGHES:  Branson is also known as the Live Music Show Capital of the World, and last night our theatre lived up to the well-known saying that the “show must go on.”  Our theatre is on the strip and sustained no damage, in fact, over 50 theatres in Branson are either open and presenting shows or getting ready for their opening night.  Here’s Mickey Gilley…

MICKEY GILLEY:  Tonight my theater, which is also on West Hwy 76 is opening with the premiere of SIX.  And I’ll be opening on April 1st.  Many of the stars around me will be opening over the next week and you can get a complete list at  Here’s my friend Kathy Lennon on the Lennon Sisters…

KATHY LENNON:  Along with our theaters and shows that are open, Branson has a huge and diverse choice of accommodations, restaurants, shops, and attractions available for your vacation.  Again you can find the list at  And we’re glad to say that the Andy Williams Moonriver Theatre where we’ll be performing is also on the strip and it will be opening soon.  Here’s Buck Trent… from FRD-TV Theatre.

BUCK TRENT: OH YEAH! UH HUH! And the shows are open and we’re invitin’ you to come visit and have a eye-openin’, hand-clappin’ time…

JIM BARBER:  That’s right Buck… and when you do you’ll be helping all of us including the State of Missouri.  Here’s Katie Danner, the Director of the Division of Tourism.

KATIE DANNER: (unscripted)


JIM BARBER:  We’re not only going to rely on our good friends in the media to get the word out that Branson is open and ready for visitors, we’re working in conjunction with the Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce & CVB to create a cooperative advertising campaign to encourage visitors to come to Branson.  And when they do they’ll see that we live up to our hospitality promise… Branson.  It’s Your Show!

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