Hamner Barber News Available For Mobile Devices

A new mobile device application for iphone, ipad and android users has been developed by Google to provide a magazine-style view of web based articles, photos, videos and more.  Google Currents will change the way that many people obtain news and entertainment via their mobile smartphone and tablet devices.

With as many as 150 publishing partners such as PBS, Forbes, TV Guide and ABC News already providing content, other independent digital content providers such as the Hamner Barber Theater in Branson, Missouri will also have the opportunity to make their content available via this fresh content delivery approach.

Branson Magic is the name of the Hamner Barber Theater News Magazine that will update users via the new Google Currents app (short for application).  The Hamner Barber Theater Branson Magic news edition can be obtained here for users of the Google Currents app, which must be installed first, and is available for free download from the Android Market and the Apple iTunes Store in the U.S.

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