Branson Magic Show Shines In Entertainment Mecca

“Variety” Is An Understatement!

In an recent article published in the Shepherd of the Hills Gazette entitled Variety Is An Understatement!, author Linda Burlingame describes the amazing amount of variety entertainment to be found in the Hamner Barber Show in Branson.

The Branson magic show is celebrating it’s eighth smash season at the beautiful Hamner Barber Theater and has become popular as one of Branson’s premiere magic and comedy shows for audiences of all ages.

The Hamner Barber Variety Show offers song and dance, magic, ventriloquism, animals — real and “not so real!” — comedy, a heartfelt and tender tribute to America’s Veterans, and I’m not sure the definition of “variety” covers all that. (I should look up “variety.” It may say, “See Hamner Barber Show!”) – Linda Burlingame

The article discusses the amazing and original magical elements of the show as presented by The Hamners who headline the show along with comedian ventriloquist Jim Barber.

Dave Hamner does a “variety” of magic, from sleight of hand with cards, coins, and newspaper (watch what flies out of the torn silhouette of a bird in the newspaper!) to large scale productions like “Vertigo: The Fall of Death!” (Aauugh!) But Dave and his wife Denise are best known for the illusions they do with their sweet, gorgeous Macaws and Cockatoos. These brilliant and brainy birds magically appear from flaming swords, playing cards, coins … then after a smooth, awe inspiring swoosh over the audience they return to the stage. Dave calls Denise the Bird Wrangler; the wonderful creatures are part of their family! – Linda Burlingame

Jim Barber’s act is unlike any other ventriloquist in the world, and the article goes on to explain a few elements of Jim’s unique performance.

Jim Barber’s “assistants” are part of his family, too. “Chico Pete,” “Baby,” “Barber and Seville” are, well, dummies. But they come to life with Jim’s talented voice. They can all sing together, dance together; and Jim even appears to be the dummy at one point. (I’m sorry, Jim, you know what I mean!) His cast of witty, clever dummies can be loud and overbearing, while tugging at your heartstrings. You’ll laugh as you are amazed by Jim’s talent. Sometimes it’s easy to forget Jim is part of the equation. (I keep feeling I should apologize, sorry Jim!) – Linda Burlingame

The article also discusses how the Hamner Barber Variety Show has been honored with several performance awards as well as been featured on national television appearances.  The magical, multimedia tribute to Veterans also was impressive to the author.

The Hamner Barber tribute to Veterans is extraordinary. There are taped interviews with three survivors of the flag-raising at Iwo Jima. Their remarks and the amazing illusion with the statue, make it a poignant segment of the show. – Linda Burlingame

To read the entire article, visit the Shepherd of the Hills Gazette online.

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