However You Spell It… Our Name Means Fun Family Entertainment!

Sticks And Stones…

People are calling us names, and it’s not always Hamner Barber.   We don’t really mind however, because we are glad that people are talking about our Branson show.  However you spell it… our name means Fun Family Entertainment!

As we enter into the middle of our 7th successful season in Branson, the mispellings and pronunciations are fewer and farther between, yet they do continue to pop up both online and in person.  The name we hear most often is “Hanna Barbera” and they always wonder if Yogi Bear or the Flintstones will come walking out on stage.  Other names include “Hamer and Barber,” “Hammer Barber,” “Hammer Bobber,” “Hamner Baker,” and “Hammer Barker.” 

Just in case you didn’t make the connection, our name comes from the combination of the last names of our featured, headline performers: Dave & Denise Hamner and Jim Barber.

If you are visiting Branson, Missouri and were really looking forward to seeing the “Hanna Barbera Show,” we recommend you pack up the kids and head over to Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park … formerly Shoals Bend RV Resort just minutes from downtown Branson!  It’s a great place to camp out in your RV or rent one of their cozy cabins.  Then, of course, head over to the Hamner Barber Theater so the kids (and the adults) can enjoy all the amazing magic, comedy, tropical birds, dancers and fun of the one and only Hamner Barber Variety Show.

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