Hamner & Barber presented U.S. Army Commendations

Branson based entertainers Dave Hamner and Jim Barber were individually honored as recipients of the U.S. Army Freedom Team Salute Commendation signed by United States Army General and Chief of Staff George W. Casey, Jr.

The performers were submitted for the honor by SGT Dallas Wittgenfeld M.O.P.H. 795 for their contribution to the Army community in the form of their heartfelt tribute to Veterans entitled, “Thank You’s Not Enough.” The magical, multimedia tribute is the closing segment of the Hamner Barber Variety Show and has received rave reviews and standing ovations since it’s debut in November 2008.

“For outstanding contributions to the United States Army. The Army greatly appreciates your support of Soldiers fighting the Global War on Terrorism and is proud to recognize your personal sacrifices in preserving the freedom and security of our Nation.”

George W. Casey Jr. – General, United States Army – Chief of Staff
Pete Geren – Secretary of the Army

A letter accompanying the Commendation read as follows:

“America has always called upon the Army to do the hard jobs, and it’s Soldiers answer the call to duty. Ours is a free Nation – the standard-bearer of freedom for millions of less fortunate people – because our freedoms are guaranteed by great Soldiers and the families and communities by their side.

Ours is an Army of tradition. Our greatest tradition is selfless service to our Country, and in that service we ask our Soldiers to carry out the tough missions that take them away from home, community and family. Today, Soldiers answer the call to defend us against new kinds of threats. Deployments have increased in frequency and length in order to maintain our commitments to freedom, to our way of life and to the American family. The Global War on Terrorism is one that touches us all – and one that we must win.

As Soldiers serve, the support of families and communities sustains them so they can do what must be done to protect our freedoms. Our Nation would not have the service of Soldiers without your support and patriotism. As an Army Supporter, you make a difference to our Soldiers and to our Country.

Please accept the enclosed Army lapel pin. It symbolizes the partnership between or Army, its Soldiers, their families and our communities – a partnership as old as the Nation itself. We hope that you will wear this pin with pride, as a statement of our shared commitment to support America’s Soldiers.”

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